Memorial Day

We visit Brenna's gravesite every year on Memorial Day.  We take flowers and maybe balloons.  We love to see the gathering of flora that others have left in memory of our sweet angel.  It means so much to us that others still remember her.  But, really, we don't visit the gravesite much more often than in May, November 5th and January 5th.  When we do go visit, it is just a motion.  We know that she is not there.  She is off doing a wonderful missionary work, busy as a bee.  She used to always tell us she wanted to serve a mission in Mexico.  When she passed away, that same week, there was a large club in Mexico that burned down and killed many people.  Gordon mentioned that she must be really excited to share her stong testimony with those spirits from Mexico just entering the spirit world.  I'm sure she converted them with her sweet smile and loving personality.  We miss everything about her.  When we do want to feel her near, it is not at Wasatch Lawns.  She is in our home.  She is with us always.  And when we want to really feel her spirit, we go to the temple.  Her mortal body lay in wait of a wonderful morning when it will be reunited with her sweet spirit again.  I can't wait to see her again and hug her and look into her beautiful blue eyes and hear her laugh like she always did.  We love you Brenna!

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