The Resurrection Is at the Core of Our Beliefs

We know what the Resurrection is--"the reuniting of the spirit and body in its perfect form" (see Alma 11:43).

President Joseph F. Smith said "that those from whom we have to part here, we will meet again and see as they are. We will meet the same identical being that we associated with here in the flesh" (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith [1998], 91).

President Spencer W. Kimball amplified this when he said, "I am sure that if we can imagine ourselves at our very best, physically, mentally, spiritually, that is the way we will come back" (The Teachings of Spencer W.
Kimball, ed. Edward L. Kimball [1982], 45).

When we are resurrected, "this mortal body is raised to an immortal body. . . .[We] can die no more" (Alma 11:45).

Can you imagine that? Life at our prime? Never sick, never in pain, never burdened by the ills that so often beset us in mortality?

The Resurrection is at the core of our beliefs as Christians. Without it, our faith is meaningless.

(Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Sunday Will Come," Ensign, Nov. 2006, 29)

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