Thanks for the memories

Hello Our Wonderful Family and Friends!  (Our friends are wonderful too!)

It’s been almost 2 weeks now. 

Gordon wanted me to make sure to update and send our love and sentiment-I am certainly in concurrence.

We have gotten so many compliments about Brenna’s funeral service.  I agree that Gordon and Karl were amazing.  And the spirit there was incredible!  We really respect and admire our Bishop and his comments and help through those few hard days.  If you could, by any respect, enjoy your own daughter’s funeral, we thought it was perfect.  And at the cemetery, OH MY GOSH!  As hard as that was, it was beautiful.  Our wonderful friend, Val, who played the bagpipes was so amazing.  And we got sooooo many compliments about the purple balloon release.  It was so special.  I’m sure Brenna absolutely loved it!  Thanks, Megan and our ward Young Women and wonderful leaders!  We received so many purple flowers and planters, our house looked and smelled like a flower shop through purple tinted glasses.  It was so wonderful.  And the amount of people that came to her viewing and had to wait for 2 hours for the 2 minute hug-it was so humbling how many amazing people Brenna has brought into our lives.  We are so blessed.  It was so nice to see all the school friends from now and elementary, so many of which we didn’t even know.  She is the kind of spirit that just attracts people to her.  She is so sweet and accepting and kind. 

I am sure it is because of all the prayers and thoughts of our many family and friends, both local and not, that has carried us through these past 2 weeks.  I would love to name every single person who has been such a support, but then this would go on for at least 3 pages.  So I will spare you, but please know how much you all mean to us and we really couldn’t have made it without every little and big thing that was done for us.  

The first week, of course, was kind of a blur.  There were so many things to take care of and so much family in and out that there was hardly any time to think, much less cry.  Now that things have slowed down and we have time to sit and take in the current events and notice that the purple blanket on the recliner is unused today, it hurts.  And we cry.  The down time at night is usually the crying hour.  Way too late for us to call you, OK?  Our family seems small now and we are always feeling like someone is missing when we go out.

The kids are doing rather well.  Just a few comments here and there about how they miss her and that they want the biggest teddy bear in her room to remember her by.  Those who were at the viewing and services noticed how distraught they all were.  They truly love and miss her.  But Gordon reminds me that children have a clearer understanding of angels than adults.  Hannah accepted the very first day that fact that Brenna is an angel now but she can still be with us and we certainly will see her again.  Her attitude of, “Duh, Mom,” is so reassuring to us. 

Well, thanks for listening.  We love you all!

The Augat Family
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