Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints

Shortly after arriving at the age of 9, Brenna was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor. During the next 4 years of her life she would slowly lose all the things she enjoyed in life such as school, piano, swimming, soccer, running, walking, friends and eating just to mention a few. These would be replaced by hospital stays, wheel chairs, nurses and feeding tubes. She was on extra oxygen during the day and slept with a bi-pap machine at night. She fought chronic stomach pains for months. And yet through it all, she maintained a positive attitude. The last thing she created before she passed away was a picture of a thumb with the saying "have a thumbs up attitude". This coming from someone who suffered a third of her life at such a young age. She loved to shop and spend Oma's money. But she would not shop for herself, she was always thinking of what to get for her family. She was always excited to go to church and Young Womens and knew all the answers to all the questions. She made sure that we said our prayers, read our scriptures and had family home evening. She was able to go back to school and work her way out of all the resource classes. She was in 8th grade and going to school with kids her own age. A couple of weeks after she passed away, we got her report card in the mail. She got all A's, a 4.0! I was extremely happy for her. To make such a great comeback and get all A's. Wow!. I wanted to enjoy the report card with her. And I did. Then I thought about the grade she got in mortality. She chose to take one of the hardest tests in mortality and got an A+. I bet her joy in the Spirit World is beyond our ability to comprehend. In the Old Testament we read, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. (PS. 116:15.)"  I know that Heavenly Father is extremely happy for what Brenna has accomplished. Brigham Young taught: "it is a great cause of joy and rejoicing and comfort to his friends to know that a person has passed away in peace from this life, and has secured to himself a glorious resurrection. The earth and the fullness of the earth and all that pertains to this earth in an earthly capacity is no comparison with the glory, joy and peace and happiness of the soul that departs in peace (DBY, 370)." Brenna has secured for herself a glorious resurrection. For this, I am certain. I am honored that Heavenly Father allowed Racquel and me to be her parents and that we are sealed to her for eternity. Brenna will continue to be an example to me and my family. She has inspired us to live more righteously and she will continue to be with us from day to day. I love Brenna with all my heart and look forward to our reunion.
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