Journal Entry

WEEEELLLL....It's about time, I know! We are still so consumed with house stuff, I haven't had a minute. We had to replace the carpet because the stuff in the basement was way crappy and the tack strip was causing open wounds on everyone's heels. But before we get on that we have to paint the boys' room (in REAL Salt Lake Soccer colors, of course.) We got a free truckload of dirt so we've been digging and hauling like crazy this week. Gordon was praying for the faith to move a mountain so we wouldn't have to wheelbarrow it all. But no luck. It's coming together nicely. When it's done I will show you a picture. We are absolutely loving the neighborhood, the neighbors, our new ward and our new house. There are still 116 boxes in the garage to week.

Brenna and Jordy started Jr. High last week and absolutely love it. Brenna has the cutest aides. She got a power wheel chair that is actually made for her which will help her posture and result in a non-sore butt at the end of the day. The busing took a while, but I think, by Friday, they finally got it worked out (with a little call from Mom to the district, that is.)

The other kids are back on track tomorrow and I will probably get my chores done this week. Wahoo!

Gotta go help Brenna with some homework. She had to stay home this morning while the rest of her family hiked up to Timpanogas Cave as a Labor Day activity. It was a very nice hike and the tour through the cave was fun and chilly. But we were sad our WHOLE family couldn't go. They won't allow wheelchairs on the skinny trail. And the 200 stairs inside wouldn't have been good on my piggy back. But she was OK with it. I just have to buy her a Sprite (did you know they have natural Sprite now?)

Ciao for now friends and family. Hope this finds you all well and happy.

Love and trail mix!

The Augat Family
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