Journal Entry

Well...Brenna tried going to school after getting out of the hospital, but she got worn out really fast. She could only go 2 hours for only a few days. So we kept her home and didn't press it. She was really sad.

Then, the next week, Brenna started acting really wierd. She couldn't control her hands and legs, she had a slow tick when she talked and her responses were really slow. She would get really upset because she couldn't make her body do what she wanted it to. She started having major anxiety attacks-especially at night. Gordon and I were up every 20 minutes consoling her that she really isn't falling out of bed and administering Benedryl because she said she was itchy all over. She has been very unstable and requires her parents constant care.

We understood what she was doing because 1) It's another de ja vous from 4 years ago-but she took weeks to recover from that one. And 2) because Gordon had been through a little dehydration episode which caused him to experience anxiety attacks for over a week. We know she will recover and we see a little bit of improvement every day.

But the first few weeks drove us to Zombie Land-from which we still haven't quite recovered-which rendered both of us useless during the day. Gordon couldn't concentrate on work and our house suffered quite a bit. She is also having more pass out seizures. Most of them are manageable. But there have been a few which rip us up emotionally. But we don't involve the docs because they can never do anything for us and we waste our time at the hospital to have them tell us to go home.

What a crazy few weeks. Since next week is a short week at school, we are keeping her home for the 4th week in a row and, hopefully, she will be well enough to get back to her favorite thing to do the next week. She got straight A's last quarter! Honor roll again-she is so proud. And so are her parents.

As Gordon always says to me (usually in the middle of a bawl session) "This too shall pass."

Love and sunshine!
The Augats
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