Journal Entry

Well, Brenna went to school for the first time in 4 weeks! She is quite peppy in her 'Happy Bunny' shirt that says, "I just realized I don't care!" She is also sporting a new do! She was getting so hot she decided to chop the locks for summer. It's very cute. There is only 6 weeks left of Jr. High! I am so used to year round school.

She is doing soooo much better through the night-it's just the first hour that she has trouble getting to sleep. We are using Melatonin and Valerian to calm her down. Usually, when she does wake up it is because of the pesky oximeter that doesn't read very well. She is still a physically a little weak, but that is improving daily along with her respiratory. She is down from 1 lpm to 1/2 lpm (for those who understand, ha, ha.) Hopefully, she will be back to her January baseline soon!

GOOD NEWS! Last week, Brenna had a swallow study which I was really excited about because she has been chewing food and trying to swallow liquids. I was watching the real-time x-ray and it showed her trying to swallow about 5 times but it stopped at a certain point every time. Then she aspirated a little as she spit it back up. Cute Courtney, who did Brenna's speech therapy last summer, told me the problem is that the radiation and intubations (3) that she has had ruined the muscles at the top of her esophogus so much that they won't allow food past. But there is a procedure to correct the problem! Of course, the moment I got home, I called her ENT to make the appt. I can't believe we are so close to having her swallow food again! No more spit cups! Wahoo!

My kids are all looking forward to going to Camp Hobe at the end of June. Poor Brenna! She hasn't been able to enjoy it more than the Day Camp every year and this is the last year they can go! I feel like Camp Hobe rewards families that do chemo instead of natural methods.

We are building a rambler just a few blocks away. We have a beautiful two-story at the moment. But for Brenna's sake (and mine and Gordon's backs sake) we need a rambler so we don't have to keep carrying her up and down the stairs. So if anyone is in the market around August for a beautiful house in Riverton let me know!

The prayers are working! We love you all and God bless you all!

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