Journal Entry

Howdy All!

Good news/Bad news...

Bad news: We went to our ENT appt last Wednesday that I was soooo looking forward to (milestone=swallowing!) We waited for two (2) hours to see him. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day so Brenna and I walked around outside the quaint Old Farm office and the tulips were so pretty and that made it bareable. But, when the doc came in, he said, "It's nice to see you again, but we don't do that specific procedure in this office. That would be a GI issue." I just about cried at the thought of calling our GI and hearing them say, "Our next available appt is July 26th." ...And that is just what I heard.

Good news: The very next morning I called Dr. Harnsberger, who is wonderful and takes calls personally between 9 and 10. I was all ready to give her my sob story and ask if she could move up our appt. I got to the speech therapist's opinion when Dr. Harnsberger said, "Would you like me to do that next Tuesday?" I just about cried again! She explained that the anesthesiologist would take 20 minutes and her procedure would take 5 minutes. By Friday, Brenna would be able to swallow!

Brenna even said today, "I can't wait until next Friday," even though she is a bit nervous about the appt. OH MY GOSH! She won't have to spit into a cup and carry it around with her at school and people won't be uncomfortable around her. It will do loads for her self esteem! And the $$ we will save on paper cups! It's all good!

We'll update in a week to let you know how fun it is for Brenna to swallow food!

Love and gleeks!
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