Journal Entry

Howdy All,

Sorry I didn't update for a while. I have been kinda depressed there is no exciting news to share. Brenna still cannot swallow-though she tries and tries and tries. From past information (speech therapist)...I believe that the radiation treatments 3 1/2 years ago have thickened her esophogus creating a whole new swallowing experience she will have to learn by using different muscles and retraining the damaged ones.

The MRI results were "Stable" again. And again, I am depressed about it. We just want shrinkage! She needs to move from where she is at this time. Just a little tiny shrinkage would probably allow her to breathe better and walk better and use her fine motor skills better. However, because she hasn't used them very much, I am scared they have been taken away a little. Kind of motor skill atrophy.

The Omega Academy is expanding at a very speedy rate! They have introduced so many new therapies to help cleanse and heal the body. Brenna's favorite is the detoxifying footbath. However, with all the things that need to be plugged in, it creates a literal furnace in the room. It was only 80 degrees outside and we were frying today! What is it going to be like when it's hot outside? Brenna is miserable in heat-just like her Oma! It makes her nauseous. I am tempted to halt visits until it is under control.

Our house is another furnace Brenna has to bear on a daily basis. Every single spring our air conditioner has issues-well, last year and this year it's the furnace part. I am so sick of paying a repair man!

SEE! Nothing new or positive to share. Hopefully, next entry, huh?

Something positive...You are all awesome and we love you and your support! Thanks! (Now I feel better.)

Love and Speed Stick,
The Augats
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