Journal Entry

Well, Brenna is out of school for summer! It's really wierd to have the other 4 kids still in school until the end of June. Brenna worked really hard on her school work during the last quarter and earned all A's again! I'm sure she will be getting her 4th honor roll award. She really misses school and friends and something to look forward to.

The kids (especially Brenna) were looking so forward to going to Camp Hobe this year and they rejected Brenna without even the consideration of calling mom to check her condition. We were pretty offended. Let's see....a cancer camp for cancer kids-but they have to be 100%
healthy?! What a paradox! So we decided to withdraw our applications and go to Lake Powell with the cousins instead. Brenna will get way more cancer support there than she has ever gotten at Camp Hobe.

And now we are fighting tooth and nail to get to Camp Sunshine. No one seems to want to support us when we need it the most. We are getting pretty tired of fighting cancer and fighting our support groups. What's the deal? Natural choices are very discriminated against.

We thoroughly enjoyed the REAL Salt Lake game that Amy Greene at Candlelighters arranged for the families. We love soccer-did you know that? Amy is awesome and fun and really seems to care about the families and their needs. Unlike Richard. (Another long story.)

We met with Dr. Such-Neibar at PCMC yesterday to assess Brenna's physical needs. She gave us a very positive report and hope that she will be pretty independent by the end of summer. It made mom cry! Someone that believes that Brenna is OK! Wahoo!

We are pretty stressed trying to prepare our house to list this weekend. We were blessed AGAIN to be led to the perfect house! It really suits all our needs-one being that it was built around a wheelchair and the other that there is a soccer field around the corner. We will be moving at the end of July if all goes well! We are excited!

Love and shipping tape,
The Augats
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