Journal Entry

Hello all our friends!

There have been mixed emotions the past few weeks in our house. Brenna had a couple of doc appts. that gave us some extreme hope. Hope that she will swallow again from a simple stretching of the esophagus procedure (2nd one) and hope that she will be walking by the beginning of school with extreme physical and occupational therapy. Brenna is excited to do the PT in the swimming pool!

Brenna braved the second procedure last Tuesday. Dr. Harnsberger came to me afterward puzzled because Brenna's esophagus was just fine and she couldn't understand why the food won't go down. She suspects that the muscles need some therapy or something but she will make a few calls. Thus, we have an appt. with an ENT to test her esophageal strength. That kinda dimmed our excitement about an easy solution for swallowing. If we knew then what we know now, we NEVER would have done radiation on Brenna.

All of us had a blast in Lake Powell. It was only 110 degrees at Wahweap. Brenna even got a life jacket on and swam in the lake! We did a lot of sightseeing and boating to break in Opa's new boat. All the boys tried waterskiing or wakeboarding and all 3 got up! It was so exciting!

We are packing up all our extras in the house-the kids bedrooms have never been so clean! Gordon is really happy about it all. Mom is really stressed about is all-keeping everything clean all the time just in case someone calls to come see it! Can't wait 'til it's sold! The kids are all excited to move, get new bedrooms and go to new schools. Only six more weeks! Summer always flies by too quickly. We don't have any more vacations planned.

Check out the new pictures I have finally uploaded!

Love and sunscreen!
The Augats
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