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OK, Shari! I'll update! After all, so much has happened the past 2 weeks!

We were notified last week that the state had shut down the Omaga Academy. I was so angry at first. "We have tried the traditional things and they didn't work for Brenna. Natural is our choice and here comes some puffed shirt saying someone can't operate a business that helps people with serious diseases without one prescription being written!" I was especially distraught because I discussed with Dewayne the week before how to get serious tumor shrinkage. But we came to a happy place-and that was a home therapy. We already have the Rife Machine-and that is the one thing that will be the most effective. Which reminds me...

Sorry. I had to start her on the 3 hour Rife treatment.

We sold our house last week and started packing up boxes. Our closing date for our new house is the 27th! Nothing like cutting it close, huh? We are really excited about our new house. It is in a cul-de-sac across from a park, on a fully landscaped 1/2 acre, interior built around a wheelchair-and, the second most (first in Gordon's mind) important thing-it's walking distance to a soccer field! We can't wait! Brenna is sad to not be going to Oquirrh Middle again, but all the kids are excited to be going to new schools.

I dropped Jordan off at BYU Soccer Camp on Monday. My first kid being gone for more than one night! He calls every night and keeps us posted on his fun level-which is very high. We miss him. All four of the younger kids are on comp teams this year! Busy. Busy. Busy. I am team mom for Aaron's team coached by his dad. I enjoy actually feeling needed.

Brenna absolutely loves her swimming pool physical therapy. I think she is going to get a pretty good tan sitting in the swimming pool in her new float chair and doing her 20 minutes of therapy. We've got wonderful friends who let us use their pool when we aren't at the PCMC pool. THANKS Lauren's mom & Denise!

Everyone is healthy and they all love staying up until all hours of the night and sleeping in till all hours of the morn this summer. Can't believe school starts in 3 short weeks! I'm thinking of changing from D track so they will be in school during the move-then they would start next week!

Love and Gatorade,

The Augats
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