Journal Entry

Weeeellllll, today is the big move! I, surprisingly, have a very low stress level at the moment. We'll see when 5pm rolls around. We are down to using paper bowls and plastic spoons for breakfast.

We signed up for Daybreak Elementary and they stuck us on C track-the least desired track. But, I figured we would be able to deal with it this year as next year we will be tranferring to a newly constructed school and get a different track-hopefully D. C track is 3 weeks on (they started July 25th!) then 3 weeks off. Wierd. But, hey, they will be in school during the move and then off to help unpack and do their own rooms. They love school and their teachers. Although, Kaleb wasn't too keen on the mascot--the Daybreak Dolphins.

Brenna had the opportunity to go to stake girls' camp last week up by Park City. She did so well and loved just being there. She couldn't do the hikes or phyically demanding activities, but she did do the zip line (after a $5 bribe from mom) the crafts and had a part in the skit. We had to drive 1/2 hour down the mountain to a Park City hotel every night because of her machines, but it wasn't too bad. It was a wonderful and spiritual experience for her.

Therapies are underway and she does them faithfully every other day and her grip is getting stronger, her oxygen better and her walking more sure. She was fitted for a DAFO brace to help her left leg when walking. We are working toward getting a smaller more portable power chair for her before school. She can't wait for school to begin. And, already, a staff member from her school is beginning to get things in place for her such as aides, busing, IEP's, etc. They sound very proficient-which is what mom's love!

Santa visited Brenna a little early this year. Our neighbor was trying to sell a white bichon frise puppy she had unwillingly aquired (husband bought it when she was out of town-you get the picture) and Brenna fell in love when it curled up on her lap and fell asleep. So she talked Oma into letting it be her Christmas. She named it Skipper. It is the cutest little thing (see pics) and very energetic when it wants to be. But, very loveable when it's not around our Aussie. Trixie, her cat, is not very happy about the whole thing. And mom isn't happy about it not being house broken yet. It has to be in the hospital for a few days because the pet shop didn't take care of him and allowed him to cope with a pneumonia for weeks. Brenna misses him.

Well, the weather is finally below 90-it's actually in the 60's today and stormy. It's a nice change. But I hope it doesn't rain on our move!

Love and boxes, boxes, boxes,
The Augats
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