Journal Entry

Brenna just turned 12 in January! We can't really distinguish if the emerging attitude is from entering the realm of teenhood or just getting totally spoiled. She was diagnosed with a low grade JPA (juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma) wrapped around her brainstem in April 2002. We chose the conventional route at first-surgery, radiation and chemo (cut, burn, poison) and the inoperable tumor resisted treatment and began to grow. We went a more natural route which slowed the growth in 2003 and then stopped the growth in 2004.

Brenna's MRI on Jan 22, 2005 proved very exciting for us. This is the first time it has showed shrinkage. Just a tiny milimeter, but, HEY, it's shrinkage! The Lord has answered our prayers and we pray he will continue to bless her. We are hopeful she will make a complete recovery. Brenna's treatment includes chiropractic care, infusion therapy for immune support and an IV form of apricot pit called amigdalina. It is probably the simplest program we have been on yet.

We wouldn't have guessed there was shrinkage as her stomach pain continues to plague her daily. We are visiting a doc, Dr. Sharon Weinstein, who is a pain management doc who hopefully can help her put an end to a 16 month period of dealing with it.

After going to Florida last October for her Make A Wish trip, Brenna is now looking forward to using her Passport to the World and visiting California in April. She also can't wait to visit Camp Sunshine and Camp Hobe again this June.

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