Journal Entry

One week ago, I took my good friend's advice and took Brenna to see a pain management doc, Dr. Sharon Weinstein at the Huntsman Institute. We had spent the last 15 months trying to cure the stomach pain while Brenna suffered. I figured by now, that it was the tumor acting up whenever and as long as it wanted and no GI or Oncologist or nutritionist could resolve it. Now, it was time to just manage the pain. She introduced us to Ziprexa. It is actually a mental disorder med, but it controls naseau, spasms (hiccups) and pain. JUST WHAT SHE NEEDED! It seems to be working pretty well. Brenna has 5 good days out of 7. I hope it continues to work for her. I'll let you know when we have used it more than 2 weeks.

Brenna felt good enough today to go to school for about 3 hours. She had a great time! Mom is nervous that she will be frustrated about being so far behind. I told her she could do sixth grade again and be with her brother Jordan next year. They both groaned.

When Brenna feels good she showers me with all the requests of what she wants to do. I can't wait to take her to do them all. But, we do all-day clinic visits Tues & Thurs, chiropractic appts three days a week, weekly physical and speech therapy appts and any doc appts we have scheduled that week. We are just a little busy. Just a LITTLE. I'm guessing by summer she will be doing what she wants.

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