Journal Entry

Whoa! We finally finished the IV antibiotics 2 days ago! They had to be administered every 6 hours via a picc line that is so small it took around 2 hours! Needless to say, Gordon and I were both running on little and very low quality sleep. Because the picc line runs so slow, we have to add an extra day at the clinic to give her everything she needs. And at that, we are still there 6+ hours per day! It is our second home.

Brenna has still been feeling crappy. Very nauseous about 80% of the day. Zofran worked a bit for her in the hospital, but when I went to pick up a prescription to take home, it was a $250 copay! I thought maybe we could try something a little more pocket friendly. But sitting here watching her cry and writhe in pain, it makes me wish I had just bought it. We are trying Raglan & Benedryl today. No results yet.

She is somewhat used to the bi-pap that insurance kindly agreed to pay for for 2 months and then they will try to hit us with a $6500 charge for it. We are looking online for a better deal. We are hoping that as the tumor shrinks, she won't be needing it anymore. We will find out more with her next MRI at the end of April.

Our spirits are a little doused and I am seriously thinking the guys in white coats are looking pretty good to me. We are plugging along and dabbling in shortterm and longterm prayer requests. The prayer of my heart is some relief for our little angel!
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