Journal Entry

Sorry we haven't updated in a while....But YEAH! There is something noteworthy to share!

We found a combo of 3 prescriptions that helps Brenna feel better at least 85-90
% the time now! We are ecstatic! I didn't want to share until we were sure because we have cried wolf with 2 and 3 strikes-no one would believe us, huh? Anyway, we are using Reglan (metoclopramide)with Benedryl and Librax (anti-spasm/anti-anxiety) and Ziprexa (antipsychotic). Weird that brain drugs help the stomach. I was reading a book (I KNOW-I WAS ACTUALLY READING!!) about Jordan S. Rubin called 'Patient Heal Thyself.' He had Crone's disease and healed himself with natural stuff. AMAZING INFO! He explained how the second brain (in the stomach) is totally connected to the CNS. It makes sense why brain drugs would help her nausea. She of course is talking my ear off about all the things she feels good enought to do. School is in there in between shopping, going to Build A Bear, going to sewing lessons, acting lessons, piano and shopping. Just thinking about it makes me tired. Her stamina is very low right now. So I think we will stick to small outings.

We are going to southern California on the 16th retuning the 23rd (I hope no burglars read this.) We are going to use Brenna's Give Kids The World Passport. We get free tickets to Legoland, Knott's Berry and Six Flags and many other smaller theme parks. Along with the beach trip, we will fill up 8 days for sure! We'll let you know how the 80 degrees feels when we get back! We are really excited that Brenna will be feeling good for this vacation. It's been a while.

Our next MRI is the 25th! Pray for Brenna that we continue to see shrinkage. Shrinkage hopefully will bring functions back and good days and weight gain.

We are continuing our bi-weekly visits to the Bountiful clinic along with chiropractic 3 times a week. Dr. Marietta has now put Brenna on a new (but old) German protocol called 'Interluken'. It's a natural drug that is proven to erradicate tumors. I haven't done much research yet, but I will let you know how it works when she is swimming and running! SOON!

Our family is still plugging along-seemingly well! The kids are picking up the pace a little better-just in time to go off track! Soccer season has begun-I mean mom's taxi season has begun! We have soccer 5 out of 7 days a week. Thank heavens for Sunday! Tax season was good to us. Of course it went straight to paying off bills. But it helps us breathe a little. We had a dear, dear friend with lung cancer pass on in March. It was very emotional for Brenna and mom because we absolutely loved to enjoy her company and humor and smile every day at the clinic. Why is it that 99%
the people with cancer are the awesomest people in the world? We will miss her dearly. She taught us that "It's never all about you!" and "There's always enough love to go around" and, her favorite thought, "What would you do if you weren't scared?" Much love to Marci Wilder.

Brenna sends her love to all! Look for the Brenna entry next time!

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