Journal Entry

HEY ALL! Great news! Brenna had an MRI on Monday, April 25th. It was 3 years to the day she was diagnosed. The results were nothing to shout about at first. I read, "looks smaller, but it could be due to the positioning of the scan or the cursor." I told myself that 'stable' was still good, but I was hoping for shrinkage. Then the nurse, Glenda, saw my complacent attitude and told me to look at the detailed report. Then I read, "is smaller by 3mm as compared to scan 3 months ago." YEAH! 3mm shrinkage IS HUGE! That is 4mm in the past 6 months! Glenda stated that the medical community has never seen a glioma shrink before so they are still trying to dismiss it as a technical mistake. THAT'S OUR MIRACLE!

We attribute the shrinkage to the IV therapy Brenna is receiving at the Modern Health Clinic (including 3 cancer treatments) and the awesome chiropractic care from Dr. Wood at WillowCreek Chiropractic.

Right now, she is feeling good 85% the time, her stamina is up, her nausea is down, her therapists say her muscle strength is Christmas we are sure she will be running and swimming and enjoying junior high!

She had a great time in CA last week due to her feeling better. We used her GKTW passport to visit Knott's Berry Farm, 6 Flags, LegoLand and a few other smaller attractions. Brenna's favorite was driving the lego go cars at LegoLand. The forecast said 75 and sun when we left so we packed all shorts and t-shirts. The partly cloudy and cold windy and somewhat rainy days led us to use the washer for the pair of pants Aaron wore day after day.

Love to all!

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