Journal Entry

Hi All! There is not much to share right now.

We had a SHRINKO DE MAYO party for Brenna after the news of the tumor shrinkage. It was kind of a special date anyway, because 3 years ago, on the cinco de Mayo, she woke out of her coma after 10 days in the PICU. Another coincidence...the MRI was on the exact same day she was diagnosed 3 years ago-April 25th! Spooky!

She had a blast at the party and played her favorite game, Scattergories, with all her cousins. She absolutely loves to play with them. There is Simone, Kira, Renell, Karli and Alexa. Brenna loves the game because she rocks at it! She is a very smart girl.

We are in the process of signing her up for junior high! A scary thought to me, but she is excited. The thoughts of mom...she is very limited at the moment in her mobility and her fine motor skills and respiratory functions. I am trying to get the district to assign her an aide to stay with her all day to help her get from class to class and help her with her locker and writing her work and helping her with lunch and hanging out with the right crowd and....yeah, a lot to think about. We'll see what comes out in the wash in August, because she will be improving by then, I'm sure!

We took her off the prescription Reglan (sp?) or Medaclopramide and she is doing fabulous. She is only on 2 prescriptions right now and hopefully we can wean her off those soon. We are still taking many herbs and natural cancer treatments and getting IV's and chiropractic care. We are so grateful for the many good days she has been having. And we know to whom we are grateful for this miracle!

Much love and all the sunflowers you can pick! (Yeah, summer!)
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