Journal Entry

Hi All!

My boys are heading off to Camp Hobe today for a whole week! I don't know if I will be at peace or if I will miss them. They are so excited! Brenna and Hannah are going to day camp at Camp Hobe. Because of the traditional doctors recommendation to not allow Brenna to attend longer, she is only allowed to day camp. She is sad, but OK with it. They claim her respiratory situation is too volatile. (sp?)

Well, Mom is very emotional about the whole thing. First of all, Brenna is not followed by traditional oncology. We have an integrative medicine doc, Marietta Bergdorf, and 3 totally awesome nurses, Heather, Glenda and Jason, who see her 2-3 times per week that are way more educated about Brenna's condition-which isn't scary during the day. But when I asked Chris Beckwith if I can use my natural doc instead of oncology, she said, "We will cross that bridge when we come to it." WELL YOU'VE COME TO THE BRIDGE, GIRL! But instead of crossing it, they just pushed us in the water and let us drown. Steve Lloyd didn't return my call for 2 whole weeks so I put most of the blame on him. We didn't have time to work through it.

I'm sure I'll be over my emotions at the end of the week.

Brenna in the meantime is still doing pretty good. She is a little nauseas after her feedings. She is slowly getting stronger and she wants to start going to school. Sure. for the last 4 weeks when it is fun time!

Soccer is finally over and we are looking forward to a short fun summer. We still don't know if we are accepted to Camp Sunshine in Maine for the end of June. We have one soccer tournament in Cedar City and the Relay For Life coming up on June 17th. It's at West Jordan HS and there is going to be a carnival with cheap stuff for all the kiddies after the ceremony at 6pm. Try to come!
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