Journal Entry

Wow! What a busy week! I thought it would be a little relaxing since the 3 boys were at Camp Hobe this week. But I was proved wrong.

We were denied acceptance to Camp Sunshine because of Dr. Bruggers. I found out on Monday morning and began the process of appeals. I called Dr. Bruggers and Dr. Gault (sleep study clinic) and begged them to reconsider. The only thing Dr. Gault said would make him write a recommendation letter would be a good CO2 blood gas result. Well, we went on Tuesday to Lakeview in Bountiful and the biker chick nurse was a real treat. "You are lucky. I am the best!" she said as she told us how she hates her son and is glad he's far away in NY and how she got bit by a wolf spider and needs to have the bulge on her leg drained. Yep, a real treat. Then she poked around in Brenna's wrist and couldn't get an artery. So she pulled the needle out, clinked it on the wheelchair, then capped it off. She proceeds to prod Brenna's upper arm and grabs the same needle! I asked politely if the needle wasn't now non-sterile as it had touched the wheelchair. She flippantly said, "Oh, I didn't notice that it hit something," and ran off to get another. After an hour and a half of her trying and not getting anything, I said, "No worries. We'll just go to PCMC."

And that we did on Wednesday with no success there either. Troy, the life flight RT was so nice and sweet to Brenna and tried so hard that we forgave him. They ended up doing a capilary blood draw. But arterial is more accurate and our Naturopath doc requested another poke. So, Thursday, we ended up back at Lakeview and asked for the best RT to do the draw. Dennis was very nice to Brenna and got it in 2 minutes. But to our chagrin, the tests came back a little high. Dr. Gault said he would do what he could without going against the numbers.

I HATE "THE NUMBERS"! Her tumor is shrinking! She is energetic, hardly ever nauseas, is getting stronger and doing great but the numbers say she is sick. And the traditional docs are sticking by the numbers. And it has ruined our chances of going to Camp Sunshine. Brenna is heartbroken-especially after getting poked 6 times in 3 days for her cause.

The good thing that came out of this week was that my boys had a blast at Camp Hobe. As much as I am upset at Steve Lloyd for not even trying on Brenna's behalf, I am grateful for the memories the camp has given them. We look forward to sending Brenna and Jordan to Teen Week next year! (-if the traditional docs don't find any numbers to throw at us.)

Saturday, we spent all day going from field to field at the 3v3 soccer shootout at Cottonwood Heights. Gordon and Jordy played. It was all day with no time to stop for lunch! They didn't come home with any medals, but now it is a tradition that we all enjoy. Glad it's over.

Next Friday is the Relay for Life! Brenna raised over $500 alone selling the bracelets! She has enjoyed doing a little commerce as, before she became immobile, she loved to sell things all the time. We will update you on the whole event. I can't wait to walk with all our cancer friends on the survivor lap and all our caregivers during the caregivers lap. Brenna and mom are speaking at the survivor dinner. I hope I don't just bawl through it. I am so emotional lately.

Until we e-meet again! Love, US
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