Journal Entry

Last Friday was special for Brenna because she was the star! She was one of the cancer representatives for the Relay For Life. We even got to be the "cancer story" speakers for the opening ceremony. It was fun and sad retelling her story from the date of diagnosis. The best part was when I said, "Her tumor is shrinking!" and everyone cheered. Brenna had the biggest following of caregivers of anyone there! She felt so special. We so love and appreciated all who came-even as far as Tooele and Kaysville! She went around the track 4 times. After winning the quilt from the raffle, getting a massage and watching Sidney Russell, her 5 year old cousin, dance and sing karaoke, and winning a few prizes at the game booths, she finally got worn out. It was fun talking to the other cancer survivors and eating the delicious buffet the ACS provided.

Check out our pics from the RFL in the pic gallery!

We never got a response from Camp Sunshine. So since camp is on this week, I am pretty certain we still weren't accepted. We are all pretty sad about it and it spurs some special memories from last year. Next year, when Brenna is swimming and running, we will tear up that camp! And totally face the PCMC docs.
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