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Hi all our friends, family, aquaintances and total strangers!

I know, I know. You are all quite upset that this site hasn't been updated since July. But, honestly, there has been no change in her tremendous progress and no new exciting news really since April's MRI. Brenna is still feeling and looking great. She is getting stronger and more energetic as the days go by. She is more alert and improving in every aspect. Her parents really want quicker improvement in the areas of breathing, swallowing and walking. the Lord is teaching us patience....natural remedies take FOREVER!

Brenna is starting junior high NEXT WEEK! Mom is very frustrated but grateful for the 503 provisions that are available for handicapped children. They are offering busing, special scheduling and 2 aides to help her every day. Being the suprisingly organized mom, in June we started to get the process going by talking to faculty at the school and the district, with a meeting set up in August to finalize things. But when we met in August, everyone was scrambling to get off square one! "I hope we can get the busing in place by school." "I'm pretty sure the district will approve the aides, but the school will have to find them." "I hope the 503 gets approved quickly so we can get everything in place." She can't even take the placement tests until school actually begins and they take 2 weeks. I made sure they knew it wasn't mom who put things off.

We are going to see how her energy level will hold out with a full schedule for the first few weeks. Brenna picked out some very cute pink reading glasses as her vision is getting a little blurry at times. She looks really cute in them. We will be checking her out 2 days a week for a 1/2 day visit to the clinic for IV therapy.

We are still continuing the chiropractic. The doc says it's really a battle with her spine because, after it gets adjusted, the amount of time spent sitting in a recliner counteracts the progress made.

Brenna has made a commitment to walk on the treadmill at least 4 times/week. We up her goal a little bit every day. It is really helping improve her walking. Sometimes I think we enable her by supporting her every time she walks around because, at times, I get lax on the support and she walks pretty much all by herself. There is still a moderate balance issue.

We have gone to Bear Lake twice and Brenna enjoys the boat rides. I asked her if she would like to be buried in the sand and she was disinclined to aquiese to my request. She says she just likes to watch.

We are planning a trip to Colorado to use her GKTW Passport one last time. It was awesome! I wish we had more time to take advantage of more parks available on it. Summer flew by way too fast.

Soccer season is upon us. We have 5 practices during the week and 3 games every weekend. Plus, scouts, piano lessons, young womens. Mom's taxi is an understatement! I only wish I got tips each trip!

With love and plenty of sunshine to go around!

The Augats
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