Journal Entry

Brenna has attended one whole week of school! She absolutely loves it. She had a bit of a rough time getting used to getting up at 6:30am vs. 9am as before-but she now goes to bed at 8pm if mom is on the ball. This first week was a small trial. She got tired by 5th period and she got sick every time she got her feeds. Honestly, I think the nausea was just a nervous stomach because she had been doing so well previously! So I think we will see what next week brings for her.

She is really enjoying using her brain again! She has sat on the couch-sick and tired-for over 2 years with no form of schooling because she was so sick and couldn't concentrate. Her left side has a touch of atrophy which walking on the treadmill helps.

I couldn't believe the district actually got everything in place the day school started. They approved her for one part time aide which infuriated me at first. My thoughts were, "They fine parents for not sending their kids to school. And here's a kid who wants to go to school and they say she can only go part day!" But after some counseling from her nice school counselor, I came to the conclusion that it is best to see how her stamina and strength will be for the first few weeks before they hire someone for the second half. She wants so much to go all day.

The busing got into place-but they come at a different time every morning. It is quite frustrating. But she is excited to actually get to ride a bus. Before, there was no hope of riding a bus because we live only 2 streets away from all the schools! (elem., jr. high, and High school)

Thanks for keeping up with us and we send all our love!
The Augats
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