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Lots of new stuff...

We really enjoyed Camp Afoofa this year held at Camp Utaba up by Pineview Reservoir. It rained the day we were leaving and the mattresses in the tent trailer got soaked. So I postponed the departure until Saturday. But the sun came out for more than an hour and dried them up. So it was back on again! We were the last to arrive and set up. Despite the bumpy start, the kids had an absolute blast. Brenna loved being with her good friend Hailee Iverson. She was in a wheelchair too because of her ankle surgery. We made many new friends, hung out with old friends, (not in years, of course) ate much good food and enjoyed many fun crafts. Brenna's absolute favorite was the pony rides. She got to ride in the carriage and on ponyback. She was grinning from ear to ear! It was very cold and sometimes it rained. But the company was good and we had a dining hall to hang out in. Of course the day we pack up, the sun visited us and it was beautiful. It's a lot of work, but Brenna loves to camp!

Brenna loves school so much she asked to be put on a full day schedule! So the princess got her wish and her mom has to fill in as the 2nd aide because the district won't hire one until she proves she can keep her attendance up. I will sacrifice so she can enjoy being in a "normal kid's world" again.

But, here came our speed bump...Brenna was fighting a roughly diagnosed bronchitus last week and she was just exhausted from it. She slept all weekend and by Monday, I thought she just didn't look right and wasn't acting right. So we took her to the natural clinic early and they ran an ABG (arterial blood gas-big needle-deep vein). Brenna is always so brave and didn't even blink. They numbers showed that her C02's were pretty high-say, 95! Normal for a normal person is below 40. Brenna's normal is mid 50's. If one's C02's get too high, they "will go to sleep and never wake up," said our doc. We didn't find out the severity of it until 9pm so we calmly called an ambulance and had them quietly take her to PCMC emergency room. We got into PICU at 1:30am and FINALLY got her on a bi-pap. The reasoning behind the whole thing was that she wasn't on her bi-pap when she was napping during the day and she didn't expell her carbon dioxide like she should. Thus, raising the C02 to critical levels. All in all, it was a rather quiet and uneventful hospital visit. She is sleeping quite a bit. But, she looks and feels better already. She can't wait to go back to school next week. She has enough homework to keep her busy however. Parent teacher conferences were today and she has A's in every class!

We had an MRI this morning. I didn't like the 3rd party doctor's version of the results ("bigger in some areas, smaller in other areas") so we are waiting for the actual radiologist's report. We'll let you know!

Keep On Keepin' On! ******* Love, The Augats
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