Journal Entry

Hello to all our loved ones and friends!

Well...we had an MRI last Thursday-just one month after starting our new treatment. It wasn't what we expected but it was still exciting news. The dimensions of the tumor remained the same, however the swelling below on the lower part of the brainstem went from a D7 to a D5 (Dewayne said a D2 would be great!) That means that the tumor is loosening its grip on the brainstem thus allowing the brainstem to flow a little better.

November 9th, we took her off all her prescriptions-just all of a sudden-because the anti-toxin wouldn't be as effective on the tumor with all the FDA approved toxins in her body. The next day was the best day ever! She felt good, had so much energy, didn't need oxygen. It was the best! Then she woke up the next day with a wicked heartburn. The prescriptions were for hiccups and nausea so the heartburn was unexplained. But I think we have it under control now with an addition of green drink to her diet to make her system more alkaline. No prescriptions is also a little easier on the pocketbook...they were $150/month out of pocket.

The improvements we notice from the new treatments are: her oxygen sats are at 99% on just 1/8 lpm (common was 93% on 1/2 lpm) and she sometimes needs no O2 support at all; she used to be severely dizzy all the time-now, she gets dizzy maybey once every other day; she had a severe nastigmous (shaking of the eyes) and, now, that is hardly noticeable; she is noticeably less nauseaus. It is quite exciting that she is enjoying going to school all day and getting a 3.9 her first quarter! (The B+ should've been an A, but the aide forgot to hand in 2 assignments-so I count it as straight A's!)

Wanted to show you all how cute Brenna and her sibs were on Halloween, but after about 3 weeks, I realized I had neglected to reinsert the memory card into the camera after downloading previous pics. So, I had been taking pictures of all kinds of things and it was being saved onto nothing...nada! I was wondering why the flash didn't work. I can't read the digital screen display since I broke it at Camp Hobe. AAAUUGGGHH! Brenna was the cutest leapord ever. She loved trick or treating for over an hour and having the most candy out of all her sibs. The only problem was, mom is the one that gets to eat it all!

Thanks you for keeping up with Brenna's progress. Can't wait for the next MRI news! Pretty soon, you will all be invited to her "TUMOR GONE" party!

Hope your Turkey Day is seriously for the birds! My favorite part is the cold turkey sandwiches smothered with mustard the weekend after. Love to you all!

The Augats
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