Journal Entry

Today is Brenna's 13th birthday! She started off a little stomach sick but within 30 minutes was curly haired with a 'Happy Birthday' tiara on top and adorned with a Spongebob t-shirt to catch the bus to school. She is so excited to be a teenager, much to the chagrin of her parents. The attitude is showing through already. But being in a wheelchair limits her storming to her room and slamming her door abilities. She is having a friend party on Saturday. She requested to paint ceramics-her favorite hobby. Then she requested the whole family (on both sides) meet at her favorite Mexican Resaraunt, El Farol, for her birthday dinner. She promised she would try to swallow something.

We can't believe she is 13! She was diagnosed 4 years ago! She has been to heck and back and has the war wounds to show for it. We took her picc line out a while ago as insurance notified us it would be harder to access supplies and also we stopped going to the Modern Health Clinic for infusions. We are undergoing 2 types of natural treatments now. Our main one we hit every day for 2 hours is at the Omega Cancer Clinic. We are doing therapies from Dr. William Koch and Dr. Royal Rife (1920's) along with other therapies like Silver and Irridium. Dewayne Smith, our treatment guide (for lack of a traditional title-he is an occupational therapist and a biochemist), is awesome. He is truly working for Brenna's wellness. Check out their website-it's pretty cool when you move the mouse around-the peoples' eyes follow the cursor!

The other treatment is the VIBE (multi-wave occilation) treatment. We do that in Sugarhouse 3 days a week at a Yoga studio called Soma Yoga. We have only done that twice, but I felt the tingly after affects. It's supposed to align all the vibrations in your body back to their natural state. Check out info on it at

We are having another MRI January 10th! I promise to update the website as soon as I get the results!

HOPE YOUR 2006 IS SPLENDIFEROUS! (In the words of Tigger)
Love to all! The Augats
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