Journal Entry

I know I told you all to check back this weekend for MRI results, but....

The radiologist that usually reads her MRI's is out of town until next week. So, by choice, I opted to make you all wait until next week for the correct reading of it. This is very important because it will decide if we start Brenna on a rigid course of cesium chloride (with DMSO) or not. The DMSO has such a frangrance that everyone within a 20 foot diameter will run and the large doses of cesium are said to be painful. But if it's going to cure cancer, I think a few months of it would be tolerable-maybe not to Brenna, but to her parents! But if the current treatment is working we are going to stick to it.

Her school is great at accomodating her treatments and her awesome teachers are very understanding of her turning in her assignments late. But she is very adamant about getting it done. We are having a few issues with one of her aides, but other than that she loves school and her teachers.

We are off to St. George and Las Vegas this weekend for 2 separate soccer tournaments-at the same time, however. So the parents get to split up again! Do we ever get to sit by each other-even at church? NO! At least this getaway will keep our thoughts busy until Dr. Boyer can read the MRI. Brenna wishes she were going to LV instead of St. George. Me too! We might see Elvis!

So, as soon as we get the MRI results we will update this website and send out a notification to you all.

We love you and appreciate your thoughts and prayers on Brenna's behalf.

The Augats
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