Journal Entry

Well, the news isn't as big as I expected...actually it's not at all what I expected. We waited a whole week to have a specific radiologist read it and when I called to check the status, they told me a different doc read it. I gave them a few "that's not what I asked," words and got Dr. Boyer to call me back with his take on the other doc's impressions of the MRI. When I got the news that "it looks about the same and stable is good," I wanted to cry. Unlike some parents, I don't like the phrase, "At least it didn't grow!" or "but stable is still good." I WANT TO HEAR SHRINKAGE! And, after getting a copy of the radiology report and trying to decypher the lingo, I read that the edyma (swelling) that was previously receding is back. And things make me wonder-like, "The degree of ventriculomegaly appears grossly unstable." And, "Stable appearing obstuctive hydrocephalus." And, "Transependymal flow is again noted." WHAT?!?! Say that six times fast. When I find out what they mean, I don't think I will burden you with more to read unless it is important. I was really floored with "stable" because she has been doing so well! Our hope and prayers are that the MRI readings can't measure the release of pressure on the inside of the tumor which is allowing some of her functions to return.

With this news, we are contemplating starting a cesium chloride & DMSO protocol. It is natural chemotherapy. Brenna has been on the IV form before and associates 2 hours of pain with it. However, this will be the oral dose and other patients say it doesn't hurt at all. But it does make you smell up a room like 'bad olives.' So maybe school will be put on hold-which will send Brenna into depression. She still loves school and, with the semester ending this week, she still is above a 3.9! She is so excited to be on the honor roll!

We are working on the swallow. Brenna loves to chew on things-especially candy. Her new found love is Jolly Ranchers in the bubble pack. They are hard to find. I figure, as long as she is brushing her teeth and not swallowing the awful sugar, it won't affect the 'natural balance' in her body. But tasting and chewing is a step toward swallowing.

Pray for Brenna and her parents that we will be guided to the correct treatment to heal Brenna and allow her to be a kid again (what's left of it!)

We love you and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The Augats
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