Journal Entry

Whew. We are so glad to be out of the hospital. -not that the company wasn't great! We were sad that they were there but loved the company of Shari & Hailee Iverson and Joy & Isabell Postma!

Wednesday morning was interesting...At 4 o'clock in the morning, Hannah was in mom's bed just a snoring away. Mom got sick of it and carried her into her room. Hearing the beeping of Brenna's bi-pap machine, I went in to adjust her mask and she was found with NO mask on, not breathing, catatonic stare, lips blue and non-responsive. Being used to her passing out episodes, Gordon and I proceeded to take care of it without the assistance of emergency personnel. Really, we didn't know what to do except put her mask back on because it forces oxygen into the lungs. After a few minutes of that with no results, Gordon put his hands on her head and gave her a priesthood blessing. The moment we said, “Amen,” Brenna’s involuntary breathing kicked in. Coincidence? I think not. After a few more minutes, the breathing became more normal and she could respond to questions by nodding her head. A few more minutes and she could respond with, “Yes.” A few more and she could focus on us. Our previous home nurse, Kim Moreno, got a call at 4:15 am with the question, “How do you lower a 150 heart rate?” Wonderful Kim came over just to check Brenna out and make sure she was OK. She listened to her lungs and told us they were pretty wet and to go to a doc that day.

We ended up at PCMC and in the PICU by 7pm. As much as I hate the PICU, it wasn’t too bad. They allow the parents to sleep bedside now-IN A ROCKING CHAIR! The comfortable accommodations and the fact that Brenna’s oxygen saturations went down to 40 (optimal is above 90) followed by passing out a few times through the night for the next 3 nights leads to a sleep deprived loony mom. At first they told us it was pneumonia and put her on two IV antibiotics. After the night episodes, they told us it was also RSV. Then after a second x-ray they decided it wasn’t pneumonia and took her off the antibiotics. RSV is a viral illness that they can’t do anything about so really we stayed in the hospital because of her night episodes. Saturday, they said they were going to keep her another night. I told them we had all the equipment at home except a pulse ox to monitor her oxygen through the night. So they sent us home by 10am with one. Wahoo!

GOOD NEWS! Last week, our chiropractor took Brenna’s x-rays again and notified us that her atlas that, 15 months ago was negative 12 degrees (should be positive 30) was now 0 (zero)! That was exciting! Not that we needed a piece of paper with black letters on it telling us how well she was doing (see previous journal entry), but we believe that is the reason why Brenna is breathing so much better and not nauseous as much. We believe it was excelled by the natural treatments we are doing at the Omega and the VIBE. The treatments cause neuro-muscular stimulation which straightens up her posture which, in turn, allows the spine to sit straighter and be adjusted easier. AWESOME!

Also, Brenna got straight A’s 2nd quarter. She will be on the honor roll again! She absolutely loves school and is really sad and certainly bored not being able to go for 3 weeks. She is looking forward to going to fabulous Las Vegas this weekend.

Well, not much to write so maybe more next time, huh? (Just kidding!) We love you all! Thanks for your prayers!

The Augats
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