Journal Entry

Well, something big happened so I am updating! Wahoo!, huh, Shari & Jamie!

Gordon was out of town this week so it was time for Brenna to be ambulanced to PCMC. This is the 4th time he has been out of town for an emercency call. He swears he will never leave town again.

Well Wednesday eve, mom was rushing from a kids' soccer game to a region basketball game-in which, mom's knee was maimed and we still lost! I rushed out the door leaving instructions for the boys to "be in bed by 8:30!" And they actually obeyed! Upon arriving home, I limped into Brenna's room to find a gray ragdoll girl with her bi-pap and the phone lying next to her. The phone read that 45 minutes ago she tried to page someone.

After replacing her bipap and praying for 5 minutes, she still showed absolutely no response. So after Uncle Scott gave her a priesthood blessing, I proceeded to call Gold Cross ambulance (instead of Riverton that is right across the street that my insurance won't cover.)

In the ER, they ran blood tests because when the brain goes without O2 for 45 minutes it throws all kinds of counts out of whack. But, every test proved more positive than the last. But the most response we got out of her was a squeeze of the hand.

She ended up in PICU and, after the move, Brenna began responding verbally and by knodding-but very very slowly. Her sats kept going down and her CO2 levels kept being scary so there was a threat of intubation and a CT scan-of which her parents kept denying approval. Last time we were here and they wanted to do a CT scan and I said, "NO," the head ER nurse said that it "has been clinically been proven to cause brain tumors." Why in the world would they use it on cancer patients!?

But in the last few hours, her CO2 levels have gone down considerably, her oxygen dependency has reduced and she is way more responsive. We are all so pleased!

This is kind of a de ja vous from 4 years ago when this whole journey started with an hypoxic injury-just like this! But she recovered from that and so she shall with this one! Please keep praying for her quick and complete recovery.
With love, The Augats

Because the Caring Bridge site was having issues last week and wouldn't accept my is the second part of my entry.

I was so sad and scared on Thursday that we may never get our sweet little angel back that I cried most of the day. Gordon flew in at 10:30 am and flew directly to the hospital to a very compromised little girl that could barely move and talk.

Well, Friday morning, I returning from sleeping around 9 am and Brenna looks at me and says, "I want to do crafts," as well as she could with the bi-pap blowing in her face. I was so excited! And she continued to get better and better from there. She wanted to take off the bi-pap and go to a nasal canula. But the RT said it might be a few days and not to rush her. I agreed. I thought her lungs might need to rest and relax after such a serious injury. But by 1pm she had moved to a nasal canula and her sats stayed above 90! She is incredible!

I didn't even want to ask about going home until Monday. But, around 3pm, the doc came to me and asked, "There is nothing we are doing for her here that you can't do at home. Want to go home?" Uh, let me think about that. YES! So we were home by 6pm.

She is still very weak and you can tell she will need a bit of time to recover physically. But her teenage attitude is back and, thankfully, her cognitive skills are back 100
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