Boy!  Does the time fly!  Nothing really big has happened lately.  Just little tid bits...

Brenna is absolutely loving school.  She is currently a straight A student (surprised?  NOT!)  There was a scare last week with an A-, but she cleared that up with her teacher and there is calm waters now.  She is on the PTSA and having so much fun planning school activities.  Right now they are working on Red Ribbon Week.  Her favorite was making the posters.  She was also proud that she found the police officer (her Uncle Darren) to present and anti-drug ditty to the school.

The physical and occupational therapy is coming along really well.  Her hand strength has doubled the past 3 weeks!  She is pretty much off the oxygen during the daytime.  And the nausea is down to maybe 4 hours per week!  Keep it up Brenna!

She is planning on being a devil for Halloween.  She said that, now, when her brother, Kaleb, calls her a devil, she won't have to get upset at him.  She wants to stay home this year and hand out the candy.  She loves to see all the little kids in their costumes.  And, since she can't eat candy anyway...

Hannah gets her neon orange cast removed next week.  The orange replaced the neon pink one that she got after a scary fall from the top of her closet.  When I download the pics from my camera phone, I will share.  It was quite the experience.  This was our first broken bone, so we didn't know what to expect.  Hannah was soooo brave and when they gave her the Ketamine, which is a pain killer and amnesiac, the doc bent her broken wrist in so many unnatural positions, I had to look away and soak my sleeve with my overflowing tears.  Then, when they were sawing the cast open for swelling purposes, she was screaming bloody murder.  The doc said it doesn't cut and touched his arm with it, but when we changed casts, there were burn marks on her arm.  And her arm is still in the funny 's' shape as 4 weeks ago.  Weird.  I will avoid Jordan Valley Hospital at all costs in the future.  I know of only one person that has ever had a good experience there.

Two more soccer games and the season is OVER!  It is really a love/hate relationship there.  I love to watch my kids love and play the game (they all are really good-thanks to a soccer crazy dad), but I haven't had a date since March!  Movie popcorn, here I come!

Still loving the new neighborhood and neighbors!  Still only half unpacked, however.  We got new carpet a few weeks ago.  So, after moving all the furniture out and back in again, it feels like we moved in just a few weeks ago!

Mom got a part time job at Daybreak school as a playground and computer room aide.  It is such a different thing to have to be depended on by someone other than Brenna.  Now the house will never get unpacked!

Much love and PTA meetings!

The Augats

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