Hope your Holidays were Great & Happy 2007

Our family hopes we have found your family happy and healthy at the coming of the new year!  Can’t believe it’s 2007!  Where were you on 12-31-1999 @ 11:59:59?  Singing along with Prince?  All our kids were asleep in their beds-we have pictures.  I had to cancel my big party because of the worst cold ever.  Gordon was happy-but he’s getting used to parties now.

Our family had quite a good Christmas.  We didn’t get what we wanted-The Second Coming- but we hope we get it next year.  Our Christmas was very different than years past, but it was nice.  All the kids asked for a picture of Brenna for Christmas.  We could feel our sweet angel there with us.  The true meaning of Christmas meant soooo much more to us this year.  The gift of Jesus Christ’s birth gave us peace as we reflected on our memories of Brenna and look forward to being able to hug Brenna again and be a family forever.

Gordon has been doing a lot of reading about spirits, death and the atonement and I love it when he shares all the interesting things he has learned with me.  We have learned so much!  Joseph Smith said, “All men know that they must die…it is but reasonable to suppose that God would reveal something in reference to the matter, and it is a subject we ought to study more than any other.”  Gordon has posted many of the things he has read under the tab “Plan of Salvation” if you’d like to read a bit.  Knowing Brenna is anxiously waiting for us gives us more drive to be like Jesus to ensure our place in heaven with her. 

We didn’t get a break from soccer during the snowy months.  All our boys play on the same team on a U-13 indoor league.  They love it!  8-year old Kaleb is usually the goalie.  The other team figures out that kicking the ball in the top portion of the net is good as Kaleb is only 3 ½ feet tall and can cover only ½ the goal.  But he is sure feisty and has the best Mission Impossible back dive I have ever seen.  He is practicing his jumping up high skills.

My new year’s resolution is to get healthy.  I am dusting off the Ellipse right now and checking into a co-ed soccer team.  January 2nd, all the sweets go into the garbage.

Gordon’s resolution is to get translated by his birthday.  Maybe Brenna can arrange a meeting with Elisha!  That was one of her favorite Living Scriptures stories.

We pray for all our cute friends and their families who need a blessing this year…Emily, Lauren, Hailee, Hayden and Caitlin-to name just a few.  If I can do anything to help, please call! 

May 2007 be the best year ever!

With love and fireworks!

The Augats

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