Happy Heavenly Birthday!

Almost 24 years ago, this little angel changed my and Gordon 's lives forever. We were parents for the first time. It was so wonderful and sometimes hard. We learn so much from our firstborn that molds us into who we are. (Lucky Hannah!) Then, 14 1/2 years ago, our lives unexpectedly changed again with her brain tumor diagnosis. We never knew how strong we would need to be or how much we would need God during that fight. That was the hardest thing ever! I thought. Until, 10 years ago today, November 5th, at 7am, our lives changed forever, again, and our sweet little angel returned to live with Jesus. That was the hardest thing ever. But, the gospel is where my faith lies-that we will see her and hug her again. This is why I CTR. Love you to the moon, my little angel! Happy Heavenly Birthday, Brenna!


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