Gordon B. Hinckley's Funeral

Today I was able to watch Gordon B. Hinckley's funeral. I enjoyed all of the talks and especially enjoyed the hymn, "What Is This Thing Called Death" penned by Gordon B. Hinckley. I searched the LDS website for the words of the hymn and found the following a talk by Gordon B. Hinckley which contained the words to the song. The talk is titled "The Empty Tomb Bore Testimony". I'm reminded that we are eternal and that there really is no death (an end), just a change. And that we are still connected to those that have gone through this change. It is a change that we must all experience to achieve Eternal Life. I miss Brenna very much and think of her every day and every moment. However, my tears are turned to joy when I think about the next time I will be with her. Just as we can visualize what we will be doing tomorrow or the next day, I visualize the day when I will be reunited with Brenna. This day will come like any other day. I love my wife and kids and look forward to our eternal family.

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