Brenna's Birthday

Hello All Our Family & Friends,

 We had a little birthday party for Brenna on January 5.  It was certainly a very cold day-especially when the sun slipped behind the Oquirhh Mountains.  Gordon offered a beautiful prayer to let Brenna know we were thinking about her the whole day and then we released purple balloons, just like at her funeral.  It was a beautiful sight and I am sure she loved it all over again!  We had cheesecake-Brenna’s favorite and last thing she swallowed.  We were very pleased with the evening and we are planning to do it every year on her birthday.

 Gordon and I were discussing all the 5’s in our life.  Brenna was born on Jan. 5th ,1993.  She was diagnosed on April 25th , 2002 (Yes! There’s a 5 in that too!)  She was released from the hospital on June 5th , 2002.  She had 5 months of chemo.  Her tumor shrinking celebration was her “Shrinko de Mayo” party (ya know, May 5th , 2004)  She went to heaven on Nov. 5th , 2006  We have 5 wonderful kids.  Racquel came from a family of 5 kids.  Gordon’s parents have 15 grandkids.  Jordan gets paid $5 for each A.  I think that is our new special number.  So if I were on ‘Deal Or No Deal,’ I’d pick case number 5.  I’m sure it would be the $million.

 Thanks to all who have been so thoughtful to our family and showed love and concern for us these past few months..  Even a little note brings a smile to our faces.  Hint, Hint.  We love you all!

 The Augats

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