Brenna meets Raven Symone

You'll never guess what happened today!  We got tickets to see Raven in concert at the State Fair.  We were so far away, we could barely see her.  The concert was fun and Raven was her so cute self-talking to the kids and making it a dance party.  Brenna was happy to be there, but she was bummed she couldn't get closer.  Sooooo... her big mouth mom told a security guard all about how meeting Raven was Brenna's first choice for her Make A Wish and they talked her out of it.  Then she saw all these Make A Wish kids with Raven on TV and it broke her heart.  She said, "That was supposed to be me."  So, mom asked him if he could ask Raven if she would just come say HI to Brenna or even wave at her as she leaves.  Kim, the security guard left for a while and then came back to escort us back stage!  We saw Lil' J (don't know who he is), Raven's brother and mother and then, finally, Raven!  She came over to Brenna and said, "What's up, girl!" and talked to her just like they were best friends for 10 minutes.  She was soooo cute!  Her mom was very nice and very concerned that MAW discouraged Brenna from a celebrity meeting.  Brenna was SOOOO excited!  She said her heart was pounding.  She even got Raven to sign her Tshirt.  It was a dream come true for Brenna! Thank you so much Raven!

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