A Little Update...

Hi Friends & Fam!

Honestly, there has been no time to update because we are right in the middle of another heated soccer season.  We have soccer usually 6 out of 7 days a week!  We certainly line the gasoline industry's pockets with cash running kids to and from parks for trainer practice, goalie practice, team practice and games from our back yard clear to North Ogden (DURING RUSH HOUR!-WITH CONSTRUCTION!)   Yuck.  But we love that our kids love it and they are so fun to watch.  Gordon is coaching 2 of our teams and assistant coaching one.  Hannah is on the U-8 Academy and whines until we get there but then loves it when she scores 5 goals on the girls a year older!

We got season tickets to the Real Salt Lake.  We love it!  Except last week when it snowed on us.  It was so cold.  But we are true fans and stuck it out.  The first game, Kaleb got hit with a soccer ball that the other team couldn't get in the goal during practice.  Knocked him flat!  But he jumped right up and ran to his seat.  After the realization of pain set in, he started the tears.  The first aid guys checked him out and gave us a pain pill that I had to sign my life away for.  But, Kaleb got to sit in VIP seating the rest of the game and meet the whole FC Dallas team who signed the practice ball and presented it to him.  He was loving it!  The next game, the same thing happened to another 9 yr old kid right next to us.  I'm not too sure about our seats now.  When the new stadium is built, I'll think twice about 'right behind the goal' seats.

We are getting Brenna's room started...I am finally starting to paint it purple and order the hard wood flooring.  We are making it into an office/library/reflection room with a bookshelf full of Brenna's things and pictures.  Can't wait to get it finished!

Much love and sunflowers (80 degrees today!  Hooray!)

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