The Best Mother's Day Ever

Not a day goes by that I don't think about my Brenna.  It's getting a little more emotional for me as I follow our other kids along their paths of this mortal life.  I wonder what Brenna would be doing and how she would look so beautiful, a 15 year old young lady, and how she would be walking, maybe with a little limp, and going into high school next year with her huge circle of friends.  I miss being her mom.  But I know she is blissfully happy and will be seeing us soon.

Speaking of being a mom, I wanted to share my wonderful Mother's Day with you.  My kids were so excited to fix me breakfast for the first time ever.  Hannah learned how to make crepes the week before and she and Jordan (for safety assurance) made beautiful crepes.  Aaron sliced the strawberries and Kaleb set my placemat and got me a glass of milk.  It was fabulous!

After church, another opportunity to realize my regard for our bishop, Gordon asked me how to make egg salad sandwiches.  The kids all helped peel the eggs and we grabbed some bread to go.  Gordon loaded us all in the car as I was asking, "Don't we need drinks...or plates...or chips...or a spreading knife?"  He grabbed the spreading knife and started the car.  He drove us to the cemetery and spread out some blankets around Brenna's headstone.  He unloaded the FULL picnic he had shopped for the day before (which is BIG because Gordon doesn't shop!)  There were drinks, chips, and even a veggie plate.  He placed Brenna's pictures near me and played the CD he'd made special for the occasion.  He even had a few gifts.  We spent hours eating, talking and visiting.

It was the second best Mother's Day ever!  Gordon looked shocked and asked, "What is your BEST?"

Well, I remember when Brenna first went into the hospital 2 weeks before Mother's Day in 2002.  She was pretty much a little vegetable and couldn't do or say much of anything.  My sweet sis, Karrene, sat with Brenna so I could go to church.  When I returned to the hospital, Brenna gave me a kiss and said, "I love you, Mom."  I will NEVER forget that special moment.

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