Happy Birthday Brenna

We can’t believe Brenna would have been 16 today! And in high school! She would have been a beautiful redhead (color of choice) & the sweetest friend to all 5,000 students there! I’m sure they would have voted her Homecoming Queen! Her Oma, who spoiled her rotten, would have been part in her dream car…a burnt orange Pontiac Sunfire. But, like her Aunt Alicia said, “Imagine what she is driving now!” She doesn’t need a car when not tied to mortal strings. She is jumping & dancing & singing! 

We are, too, because today is the day we were blessed with you! (It was a terrible snowstorm 16 years ago too!) We are blessed to be her parents. Jordan, Aaron, Kaleb & Hannah are blessed to be her siblings. All of us are blessed to have part in her mortal existence. She brought us so much joy with her laugh & her smile & her soooo sweet personality. 
Every year, we are going to celebrate her birthday by trying to be closest to her…at the temple. We are doing a 6:00 PM session on Wednesday the 7th @ the Jordan River temple for anyone who would like to join us.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET ANGEL! Can’t wait to see you again!
Your mom & dad
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